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JewellPlusAB 3.1
  • JewellplusAB 3.1 is most powerful financial accounting software with features of billing inventory,vat reports, TDS report and data convert in tally accounting software.
  • Maintain stock of multiple trading account e.g. Gold ,Silver ,Diamond ,Stone etc… with average stock valuation features.
  • Bar-coding Features for making billing and print barcode.
  • Maintain stock branch wise, counter wise and sales man wise.
  • Maintain cash cashier wise.
  • Full security for each screen and each voucher of user.
  • This product is suggested for Big Retail Showroom traders who have more than 1000 sq ft. showroom.
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JewellPlus has on-line help available from any option just by pressing F1 key. With the use of such help even a new user can start working on the product very quickly & easily

Financial Accounting System
Online accounting effects of all transaction
  • Sales Register, Purchase Register, Sales Return Register, Purchase Return Register, Karigar Nave Reigster, Karigar Jama Register, Journal Register
  • Monthwise Sale Purchase Summery Register
  • Cash Book, Bank Book, VAT Register, Depreciation Report
  • General Ledger with special feature of Daily summery, Monthly summery, Account Summery, Interest Calculation
  • Trial Balance, Trading Account, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet
  • Complete TDS accounting with printing of TDS certificate & report
  • Provision of Bank Reconciliation system
  • All data convert in Tally Accounting software
  • Settelment
  • Sales Register Yearly Summery
Inventory Management System
  • Inventory Trading account wise e.g. Gold, Silver, Stone, Diamond etc…
  • GS11, GS12 Register
  • Stock in Item Group Wise e.g. New Ornament, Old Ornament etc..
  • Branch wise, Counter wise and Sales man wise stock report
  • Comparision stock report of Sales man entered closing stock with system barcode stock report and system book of stock report
  • Stock report transaction wise e.g. Purchase, Sale, Jama, Nave, Order etc...
  • Stock summary Report Party wise e.g. Customer, Karigar, and Supplier, Trading A/c
  • Party wise stock Ledger
  • Ghat/Alloy Register
  • Weight wise and Amount wise Stock Trading A/c. with auto calculate stock valuation.
  • Stock maintain Caret Wise, Pcs. Wise and Weight Wise
  • Item Ledger
  • Branch wise, Counter wise, Sales man wise Item Ledger as per book stock report
  • Branch wise, Counter wise, Sales man wise Item Ledger as per Barcode stock report
  • Detail Barcode report
  • Barcode stock summery Trading A/c. Wise, Branch wise, Counter wise
  • Barcode label wise report with filteration of Metal, Branch, Counter, User etc...
  • Counter stock transfer register

Administration Management System

  • User/Sales man/Cashier wise customized menu and screen access
  • Barcode Card system for Sales Note, Purchase Note and Order note generate
  • Counter-to-Counter Stock Transfer
  • Cash transfer from cashier to owner and owner to cashier
  • Refrence number wise Fast barcode label making
  • At the end of the day sales man enter his closing stock on his own terminal computer and system will verify sales man stock and report closing stock to owner, if sales man stock and system stock will not match then system show stock in red line
  • Very easy and fast to make sale, purchase and order note.
  • Auto mail system when transfer the stock
  • User can mail each other by Internal mail system
  • Cashier cash summery with all detail e.g. total urd purchase
  • Cashier cash book
  • Barcode sale rport with filtaration of salesman
  • Salesman Performance Report
  • Provision of Cheque printing facility
  • Making Ornament Catalog master with scanning of image or item
  • Making Document Master with scanning of required document
  • You can get Salesman comission from software
  • Item category wise barcode sale report
  • Item category wise purchase order report as per barcode
  • Cash Transfer Report
  • Barcode Outward Report

1. Purchase R.D, U.R.D.

  • Fast URD purchase done by card scan
  • If required you can auto sale rate in purchase (Exchange Gold)
  • Provision of Westage and Puriety in purchase

2. Sale

  • Fast sale done by card scan
  • Cash, Credit card, Credit sale provison
  • Multiple credit card, cheque you can receive in one Sale Bill
  • Multiple Order, Advance, Order advance Adjust in one Sale Bill
  • Barcode number wise sale bill provision
  • Provision for RNG e.g. Gross 12.000 - Less 2.00 = Sale calculate on 10.000 gms
  • Auto adjust Customer old gold in sale bill
  • Adjust Purchase Voucher amount in sale Bill
  • Provision of Auto Rounded off Amount in Sales bill
  • Provision of Discount in Sale Bill
  • Making U.R.D. Purchase voucher in sale bill
  • Provision of add cash customer while making sale bill
  • Provision of Balance Reminder in sale bill
  • Provision to view Bill print preview in sale bill
  • Add customer account in cash customer & viceversa in sale bill
  • GBS Order no. wise sale bill making

3. Order

  • Fast order done by card scan
  • Multiple caret order provision
  • Customer Old Gold and Advance receipet in one order
  • Auto order status while order in process [Pending, Order with karigar, Ready, Delivered, Cancel]
  • Provision of selecting item detail eg.size, catalog no., etc...

4. Sales Return

  • Sale bill number wise sales return

5. Purchase Return

  • Purchase bill number wise purchase return

6. Karigar Nave

  • Puriety % wise karigar nave provision
  • Maintain karigar account caret wise
  • Barcode stock also nave to karigar for sample

7. Karigar Jama

  • Puriety wise karigar jama provision
  • Order number wise karigar jama provision
  • Making verify by order making if jama entered by order no.
  • Auto TDS deduct from karigar account and jama in TDS account.
  • Auto maintain of TDS account
  • From same screen payment done to karigar account

8. Job card Jama / Nave

  • Maintain order and repairing order status by job card nave / jama
  • Auto change of order status by made job card
  • Detail job detail print and give to karigar of order
  • Auto effect in sale bill of jama weight
  • Multiple job issue and receive from karigar at once
  • Provision of item jama wt which difference of order item weight

9. Jangad

  • Barcode number wise jangad nave system
  • Jangad jama by jangad nave refrence
  • Maintain customer, karigar, supplier stock account if jangad done

10. Foreign Exchange

  • Any type of foreign currency transaction done
  • Sale and purchase foreign currency and auto account effect done

11. Cash & Bank

  • All type of cash/cheque payment
  • All type of cash/cheque receipt
  • Advace jama in cash/cheque
  • Customer Advance** jama in cash/cheque
  • Provision of view party balance
  • Provision of multiple entry in one voucher
  • Order no. wise cash received of GBS

12. Journal Voucher

  • Standard journal voucher system with multiple entry done in one voucher
Other Features
  • Auto database backup after every one hour
  • Complete window base software with multi screen facility, user can work in multiple screen without close previous screen
  • User can open multiple application
  • User can export all report in standard format e.g. word, text, excel, html etc...
  • Multi year financial accounting system, auto forward account balance in next financial year
  • Maintain caret wise rate history
  • User can export sale date and make customised output in excel
  • All report filter, sort, export facility
Exclusieve Features of JewellPlus
  • Owner can audit daily transaction done by sales man, cashier, other user by online on screen
  • Owner can audit daily payment, credit sale, discount given to customer, cheque received etc...
  • Owner can verify counterwise barcode stock report
  • Owner can set user securiety for customised screen, owner can set each and every screen, report set as per user capacity and designation
  • No one can go restisted screen, or done restricted work
  • Only those person can work on accessed screen, report
  • Provision for working date consept, no one can work out of working date
  • Lock previous date transaction
  • Making Category Master
  • Document Master & Report
  • Task Master & Task Report
  • Batch Master
  • Gbs [Customer Advance Master] as per order no.
  • From same screen payment done to karigar account
  • Gm wise or Category sale making set in item category master & Gms wise or Westage % wise karigar making set in item category master
  • You can Delete Unwanted Data
CRMS [Customer Relationship Management System]-
  • Facility to print customer address label
  • Provision of view customer telephone diary & address diary
  • You can set customer's birth date, anniversary and send mail or sms to the customer
  • Completely User Friendly software
  • Sending SMS to Customer after making sale bill, order ready, cash received, Matured Advance Jama**
  • Sending SMS to Karigar or Artisan after receiving order, pending order etc…
Key Features
  • Hot keys for open most usable screens
  • Easy access on double click from entry screen to report screen & report to entry screen
  • Date flexibility for report fetching [From Date – To Date]
  • Print preview, ruler, zoom, find, sorting, save as, page setup, etc… features for all reports
  • All reports export facilities in excel, word, text and other format
  • Selective page number wise printing option
  • You can work in multi screen in one application
  • You can open and work multi application at the same time
  • Multi user window based software
  • Enter key system for easy operate software
General ledger
  • Provision to view metail wise General Ledger
JewellPlus has on-line help available from any option just by pressing F1 key. With the use of such help even a new user can start working on the product very quickly & easily
Hardware & Software Requirement
Hardware Requirements

Personal Computer with following configuration

Processor: Pentium III or above

RAM At list 64 MB, SVGA Monitor/Mouse/Printer
Any Dot-matrix, Ink jet, desk jet, laser jet printer

Recommended Hardware

Personal Computer with following configuration

Processor: Pentium IV or above

RAM At list 128 MB
Hard disk with minimum 100MB space
SVGA Monitor 800 X 600 Display set

Software Requirements…
Windows 2000 and above ,SQL Anywhere Database
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